Maximize milling versatility with exchangeable end mills

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Economize your tooling inventory. When you need to switch from high feed to square shoulder to other milling operations, the Seco X-Head exchangeable end mill system quickly and easily changes among various solid carbide milling head geometries and types. Optimize all your milling operations while you reduce your manufacturing costs and tooling inventory. Plus, for additional flexibility, the X-Head end mills mount to a variety of available shank lengths, and shank lengths apply to a range of milling heads.

Your challenge:
Various milling operations and part features require different cutters, adding to tooling costs and inventories and machine idle time.

The Seco solution:
One Seco X-Head exchangeable end mill system shank accommodates a range of different milling cutter types and geometries, easily and cost-effectively adapting to changing part machining needs.

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Stop coming up short in your milling operations

Deep cavities and other part features often require various types of expensive long-reach tooling. Get the tooling reach you need while you save time and money with the Seco X-Head exchangeable end mill system that includes various shank lengths to meet your needs.

Your challenge:
Hard-to-access part features require an inventory of different long-reach cutters, increasing tooling costs and tool changes.

The Seco solution:
Use the Seco X-Head system’s broad range of quick-change end mills with various long-reach shanks that allow you to access deep part features.


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