Save Time:

Reduce or eliminate prove-outs and save machine tool, operator, and part programming time – all of which decrease time-to-market.

Increase Quality:

Verify dimensional accuracy and optimize tool paths for better finishes on surfaces and edges.

Save Money:

Reduce or eliminate the cost of machine tool crashes, rework, scrapped parts, and damaged tooling, fixtures, and clamps.

Increase Productivity:

Reduce machining times and interrupt production less frequently.

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VERICUT 9.5 – Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Downtime

Tool Summary and Tool WearUse the new Heat Map display to see the wear pattern on your tools. A combination of colors and messages can be used to understand how[…]

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Maximize milling versatility with exchangeable end mills

Economize your tooling inventory. When you need to switch from high feed to square shoulder to other milling operations, the Seco X-Head exchangeable end mill system quickly and easily changes[…]

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